Consulting services of choosing steel construction for all projects in Binh Phuoc province

The cohesion of iron and steel together, creating the overall of the building is extremely complete. In order for the project to extend its life through the years, the selection of the source of material is extremely important.

Our Truong Thinh Phat Company has been operating for many years, bringing many effective solutions to choose: Vietnam America Steel, Vietnam Australia Steel, Vietnam Japan Steel, Pomina Steel, Southern Steel, Posco Steel, Hoa Phat Steel. . Specifications of rolled steel or rebar are provided by us as quickly as possible

Updating giá thép xây dựng with high precision is also a way to improve your professionalism. Competitive market prices to bring many works in Binh Phuoc province the most reasonable price

Besides, our warehouse also distributes: steel pipe, shaped steel, box steel, corrugated iron, purlin, construction sand, building bricks, .. with many types.

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Du an Asahi tower information 2020

Asahi Tower  is a high-class land plot project with prime location in the heart of District 8 – Located on the front of Vo Van Kiet – Ward 16 – District 8 – TP. Ho Chi Minh. Asahi Tower  is a project with a beautiful location especially close to the center of District 1 – District 7 – District 4 …. just minutes by motorbike.

Du an Asahi tower information 2020

Overview of Asahi Tower project District 8

Du an Asahi tower information

– Project under Investor : 577 Group

– Invested in cooperation  : is Real Estate Service Joint Stock Company – HTREAL Real Estate Trading Floor.

– Together with the project developer  : HTReal Real Estate Consulting Company Limited

– Exclusive distribution  : HTReal Real Estate Service Joint Stock Company

– With a total project area of  : 0.95 ha in it

+ Land for housing construction includes 67 foundations

+  Park  : 3000m2

– At present, the infrastructure project is 100% completed – issued a red book and built immediately.

– The Company has been granted 67 LURCs and is in the process of transfer to customers.

Location  of Asahi Tower Project  – Focus on Economic Development District 8

Asahi Tower Project Located in a convenient location through the Central District and especially in the heart of the surrounding city is a busy residential development. Asahi Tower Project  is an ideal real estate investment.

– With the area of ​​the project is: 9500 m2

– With Construction area: 437 m2

– With a construction density of: 34.22%

– Coefficient of land use: 3.45

– And The total number of platforms is: 67 platforms

– The project is located at Asahi Tower Street in Ward 7, District 8.

– The project connects to Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard in District 7 (1km away) is the gateway road to the Western provinces and is one of the most beautiful roads of the city today connected to the financial urban area. Phu My Hung with existing busy urban centers District 1 and District 5.

–  The front of Vo Van Kiet  Street is 60m wide, connecting with Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard and in the future will connect to the East-West Boulevard when the bridge over Phu Dinh wharf is built.

– Pham The Hien route connects to the center of District 8, District 5 where there are very active economic activities.

Payment method of Asahi Tower Project:

Can ho Asahi tower payment method

+ 30 million deposit
+ Stage 1 : sign 40% after 1 week.
Stage 2 : Payment of 20% after 45 days
Session 3 : Payment of 20% after 45 days
Session 4 : Payment of 15% after 45 days
Session 5 : Payment of the remaining 5% upon receipt of the books.
– Customers want to get the book immediately, pay immediately 100%.
– Price: 14,9 million VND / m2.
+ Existing population.
+ 100% infrastructure.
+ Red book for each lot
+ Map scale 1/500
+ Advantage of Trinh Quang Nghi street frontage (60m wide in the future)

About the Asahi Tower project 2021

Du an Asahi Tower  is a new real estate project in District 8, complementing the market with a project easily moved to the center with great utilities and reasonable prices. Gia Hung Land is pleased to be one of the main strategic partners that distribute this product to customers.

About the Asahi Tower project

Asahi Tower is  located in front of Vo Van Kiet Street, Ward 16, District 8, only 150 m from An Duong Vuong and Vo Van Kiet Boulevard.

As the name implies, Anh Duong Boulevard will provide the market with an ideal residential and investment area with high-class facilities such as Swimming Pool, Commercial Center.

With an impressive design, many utilities are superior to other projects in the city in District 8. Asahi Tower is expected to be a bright highlight compared to the apartments in District 8.

Project name:  Asahi Tower

Location: 41 Street, Ward 16, District 8. An Duong Vuong – Vo Van Kiet intersection 150m

Total area: 7,493 m2

Construction density: 39.5%

Landscape density: 60.5%

Scale: 3 blocks with 25 floors, 1 basement

  • Basement: garage and technical area
  • Ground floor: Commercial center, nursery, community activities
  • 2nd floor: Commercial center
  • 3rd floor – 5th floor: Garage – modern lift system
  • 6th floor: Commercial center – Services – Entertainment
  • 7th floor – 25th floor: 639 apartments

At Asahi Tower, there are 7,974 m2 of floor for trade and entertainment services, more than 12,000 m2 for parking.

With a large area of ​​commercial center and garage. The investor has wanted to turn Asahi Tower into a high-class apartment complex in Ward 16, District 8. With the most advanced commercial center and entertainment services.

dự án asahi tower

Asahi Tower Apartment – An Ideal Residence For Young People

Asahi Tower  located right on Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, District 8. This is one of the largest and most open boulevards in the city. Ho Chi Minh City with 6 lanes. There is almost no traffic jam here. Moreover, the number of red lights on this Boulevard is very small. With the boulevard Vo Vo Kiet, residents at Asahi Tower move to District 5, District 10, District 1, District 2, District 3 very smoothly. Certainly when visiting the project by this route, you will be very satisfied with the traffic here.

With modern design, reasonable price compared to young people’s income and convenient location. Asahi Tower hopes to become a Settlement, a reliable support for You to have breakthroughs in family and career happiness.

Asahi tower project ground

The design of  the Asahi Tower Project  is focused on natural light, the apartments are intelligently arranged so that light can flood the room.

With a diverse area of ​​49m2 -1PN; 62m2 – 2BRs; 70m2-2PN; 71-3PN; 78m2-3PN. This is an area suitable for young families, both meeting the needs of life, and being affordable and affordable, making owning an ideal place to live and creating a happier life easier. time out.

Looking at the floor below, you can see the Asahi Tower is quite reasonable design, large light area. The apartments have airy view and direct light. Especially, the number of root units is quite large for customers who love early sunshine.

Asahi tower project utility

Du an Asahi Tower  is a project designed to become a modern Settlement, with high-end living facilities such as Spill pool, kindergarten, shopping center, cafe, dining, health care area. strong.

It promises to be the most luxurious residential area in Ward 16, District 8. Near 10 real estate projects will be deployed in 2019-2020.

With swimming pool and cafe landscape on the 7th floor, lawn and greenery and 6 floors of service. Residents of Asahi Tower will enjoy a full life of both nature and advanced facilities. 

Model houses and handover materials are a distinctive feature of the project. Although at 1billion / 1PN apartment, 20-25mil / m2, at Asahi Tower, customers will be handed the best materials, imported from famous brands.

  • 100% of imported kitchen furniture
  • 100% toilet furniture
  • Wooden floors, high-class alloy windows
  • The main door has a magnetic card lock and security intercom system

It can be seen that, although only in the Mid-end segment, with a reasonable price, the owner of Asahi Tower is committed to giving customers the most modern and comfortable life with high-class standard hand-over equipment. imported kitchen furniture with 6 service floors and 60.5% of the landscape area.

Opening Asahi Tower project

Currently, the Asahi Tower PROJECT is officially OPEN



Truong Thinh Phat Company supplies quality iron and steel for many projects in Binh Phuoc province

Demand for iron and steel in Binh Phuoc province is always high. Which is worth mentioning: Pomina steel, Hoa Phat steel, Viet Nhat steel, Southern steel, Viet My steel, .. Truong Thinh Phat Company always offers the most suitable solutions.

Giá thép xây dựng are announced daily at the website: High hardness steel, resistant to high pressure, durable under all environmental conditions. In each type of construction steel will have its own characteristics, if applied for the right purpose, they will promote all their inherent advantages.

Our company will always support customers in the best way, the service operates 24 / 24h. Our consultants will close orders after the consultation is completed

For the fastest quotation & order, please contact us at the following address:


  • [Transaction Office 1]: National Road 14, Hamlet 7, Tan Thanh Commune, Dong Xoai City, Binh Phuoc Province
  • 0908.646.555 – 0937.959.666
  • Warehouse 1: Highway 14, Hamlet 7, Tan Thanh Commune, Dong Xoai City, Binh Phuoc Province
  • 0908.646.555 – 0937.959.666


Is the cost of renting a home-to-manic service high – Thanh Hung long experience

Experienced driver team, support staff will surely bring satisfaction to you when choosing our services.

Cheap housing transfer service is the type of service many people prefer to choose.

Moving service helps to move furniture quickly.

This cost depends on many factors such as the amount of furniture more or less, customer requirements and the distance to where to move.

To know the cost, please contact Saigon Thanh Hung company via Hotline: 0934449479 – 0329349479.

You provide information and receive a detailed quote.

Service of Saigon Thanh Hung is professional and fast so the price is always the best in the market.

How much does a relocation service cost

chuyển nhà thành hưng

How much does the package transfer service cost?

Questions from many customers send us.

Thanh Hung answered that moving companies do not have a fixed price transfer service price list.

Moving price depends on many factors:

– The amount of furniture is more or less to arrange loading and unloading staff.

– The distance between the old house and the new house, the location to move…

– If there is a transfer price list, that is the calculation of the km price of the taxi and the number of employees working in a day, such as the article on chuyển nhà thành hưng we have posted.

You can read and refer to cost estimates for each transfer.

Learn about the personality of the dog Becgie

Becgie dog is intelligent

German Becgie dogs are very smart. One of the smartest dog breeds today. Because of this intelligence, the training of them also becomes easier. Becgie dogs easily recognize commands after only a few lessons.

Becgie dog is brave

Becgie Duc has a big, muscular body with courage, tenacity and high endurance. Recognizing that, Becgie dog is the first choice for police force and army. Participate in important tasks such as criminal arrest, trace …

Becgie dogs are loyal

Not only is the intelligence and bravery, Becgie dogs are also very loyal. That is why Becgie is very popular. With a careful attitude, they will not allow any stranger other than their owners and family members to approach the goals that they guard.

Cách huấn luyện chó Becgie đơn giản ngay tại nhà

When to rent a package transfer service in Ho Chi Minh City – Surprisingly cheap

Any advice on changing to a manor is free.

After reaching agreement and concluding a contract for fixing shipping time, we will carry out the move quickly according to schedule.

When you don’t have a lot of time and have too many things that you can’t transport by yourself.

Using a relocation service at this time is the best solution.

chuyển nhà thành hưng

Moving a house can help move your belongings at the same time, not taking much time compared to self-transport.

What is the best part of the relocation service in Thanh Hung?

With the process of moving house, relocating  prestigious – professional service office.

The chuyển nhà thành hưng professional customers voted as the best supplier.

Be quick to contact Hotline: 0934449479 – 0329349479 to get the most preferential price.

We are committed to good service from consulting to shipping completion.

Factors only in Hung Vy concrete drilling and drilling in Giong Trom

Concrete cutting drilling in Giong Trom.

The reason should choose Hung Vy Concrete Drilling and Drilling Company.

Drilling of concrete floor Ben Tre  is a pioneer in this area.

Hung Vy Concrete Drilling and Drilling Company we would like to express our sincere thanks for the trust of so many customers who have chosen our company’s services over the years. With us, you will not have to worry about the following issues:

No need to worry about price cuts:

khoan cắt bê tông bến tre

Khoan cắt bê tông Bến Tre, we are committed to providing drilling, chiselling, and breaking drilling services at the most competitive prices on the market. Always say no to tight guillotine, prices are clearly listed, transparent and specific.

Highly skilled workers, years of experience:

Owning a team of skilled workers, many years of experience in drilling and cutting concrete in Ben Tre, never having to face any situation of concrete drilling, cutting, demolition.

Clear contract, executed in accordance with the committed contract:

The construction items and materials are fully recorded in the contract. Commit to take all responsibilities if errors occur during construction.

Professional drilling process of concrete cutting in Lap Vo

Introducing Hung Vy Concrete Drilling and Drilling Company.

Friendly Hung Vy concrete cutting drill is a registered trademark of Hung Vy concrete cutting and drilling company.

Hung Vy Concrete Drilling and Drilling Company is pleased to introduce customers to concrete cutting and drilling service in Lap Vo.

Positioning the drill hole

The positioning step is usually assigned by the customer as desired, then the center of the hole is marked with a cross-proof wet ink. This is a very important job, helping drill the right position to drill.

Brackets stand

You can use the stopper of bullet or hatch to hold the base. Statistics need to be fastened to help the base is stable, if the position of the drill surface is rough, we use anti-keeng bolts.

khoan cắt bê tông đồng tháp

Execution of concrete core drilling

After capturing the base, we assemble the machine and the drill to position the hole. The stand will only be tightened after the drill has been positioned in the center of the hole.

Assemble and fix the machine

This is the main and most important job, so the machine moves slowly (especially with the new tip). When the nose has reached 2cm deep into the concrete, proceed slowly pressing the drill to the depth of the concrete. When touching iron should move slowly to ensure the rotation speed of the machine is stable.

Thank you for trusting and using khoan cắt bê tông đồng tháp service.

Constructing and completing concrete cutting drilling in Hoa An

Hung Vy Company announces the process of executing and completing concrete cutting and drilling in Hoa An.

Constructing the roof body

Proceed with erection of steel column, erection of column formwork, concreting of the column.

Building wall covering, shielding works according to technical standards.

Conduct erection of girder formwork, erection of girder beam and floor.

Installing and installing technical piping system going to the floor.

khoan cắt bê tông đồng nai

Concreting beams and floors.

Building partitions, constructing stairs.

Water cutting drill

Ceiling plaster, interior plaster with exterior wall.

Waterproof treatment of exposed floor tiles and exposed floors.


Khoan cắt bê tông Đồng Nai process is completed.

Paint inside and outside the house.

Performing tiles, tiling, decorative stone…

Installing doors, railings…

Clean up after finishing the construction.