Factors only in Hung Vy concrete drilling and drilling in Giong Trom

Concrete cutting drilling in Giong Trom.

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Drilling of concrete floor Ben Tre  is a pioneer in this area.

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khoan cắt bê tông bến tre

Khoan cắt bê tông Bến Tre, we are committed to providing drilling, chiselling, and breaking drilling services at the most competitive prices on the market. Always say no to tight guillotine, prices are clearly listed, transparent and specific.

Highly skilled workers, years of experience:

Owning a team of skilled workers, many years of experience in drilling and cutting concrete in Ben Tre, never having to face any situation of concrete drilling, cutting, demolition.

Clear contract, executed in accordance with the committed contract:

The construction items and materials are fully recorded in the contract. Commit to take all responsibilities if errors occur during construction.

Professional drilling process of concrete cutting in Lap Vo

Introducing Hung Vy Concrete Drilling and Drilling Company.

Friendly Hung Vy concrete cutting drill is a registered trademark of Hung Vy concrete cutting and drilling company.

Hung Vy Concrete Drilling and Drilling Company is pleased to introduce customers to concrete cutting and drilling service in Lap Vo.

Positioning the drill hole

The positioning step is usually assigned by the customer as desired, then the center of the hole is marked with a cross-proof wet ink. This is a very important job, helping drill the right position to drill.

Brackets stand

You can use the stopper of bullet or hatch to hold the base. Statistics need to be fastened to help the base is stable, if the position of the drill surface is rough, we use anti-keeng bolts.

khoan cắt bê tông đồng tháp

Execution of concrete core drilling

After capturing the base, we assemble the machine and the drill to position the hole. The stand will only be tightened after the drill has been positioned in the center of the hole.

Assemble and fix the machine

This is the main and most important job, so the machine moves slowly (especially with the new tip). When the nose has reached 2cm deep into the concrete, proceed slowly pressing the drill to the depth of the concrete. When touching iron should move slowly to ensure the rotation speed of the machine is stable.

Thank you for trusting and using khoan cắt bê tông đồng tháp service.

Constructing and completing concrete cutting drilling in Hoa An

Hung Vy Company announces the process of executing and completing concrete cutting and drilling in Hoa An.

Constructing the roof body

Proceed with erection of steel column, erection of column formwork, concreting of the column.

Building wall covering, shielding works according to technical standards.

Conduct erection of girder formwork, erection of girder beam and floor.

Installing and installing technical piping system going to the floor.

khoan cắt bê tông đồng nai

Concreting beams and floors.

Building partitions, constructing stairs.

Water cutting drill

Ceiling plaster, interior plaster with exterior wall.

Waterproof treatment of exposed floor tiles and exposed floors.


Khoan cắt bê tông Đồng Nai process is completed.

Paint inside and outside the house.

Performing tiles, tiling, decorative stone…

Installing doors, railings…

Clean up after finishing the construction.

Preparing and executing foundation in Bu Dang

Preparing and executing foundation in Bu Dang.

Prepare :

Perform construction signs: building signs, construction rules, labor safety, work alerts will show the professionalism of the unit with a professional way of working.

Clean up ground preparation, borrow sidewalks, prepare power sources, water sources available for construction.

Installing gates, fences, according to the standard of concrete cutting drilling unit in Binh Phuoc.

Prepare a set of construction design documents as a technical basis for construction.

Prepare suitable human resources.

khoan cắt bê tông bình phước

Please refer to the content at Binh Phuoc : khoan cắt bê tông bình phước

Construction of foundation:

Conduct excavation of foundation pit and pour concrete on foundation.

Installation of formwork, reinforced steel, concrete foundation, momentum, bracing.

Digging soil, constructing manure compartments, manholes, underground water tanks with brick bricks.

What is a concrete cutting drill in Tan Hung?

Invite you to learn about concrete services in Tan Hung.

Concrete drilling is a technique that uses a great deal of force from outside to destroy a hard layer of concrete.

This activity will surely make a huge noise, accompanied by dust and vibration of the construction.

However, you can be assured that it will not affect the construction much.

The concept of “concrete drilling and drilling” is a term describing a profession, including: core drilling, concrete cutting drilling, concrete demolition and partly demolition of works, ground clearance and chiselling, clearing the ground, clearing septic tanks as well as cutting pipes.

khoan cắt bê tông vũng tàu

Currently khoan cắt bê tông vũng tàu are growing strongly in Vietnam from 1998 up to now and it has become an impressive and important industry for people because of the usefulness and speed of concrete drilling.

Hung Vy Company has a clear contract – Services in Cai Be

Ideally, you should ask to sign a contract to ensure your rights, avoid being “screamed” after shipping and in case of damage, loss of furniture. If they open up or avoid signing a contract, reconsider the reputation of this unit!

khoan cắt bê tông tiền giang

Saigon Thanh Hung Co., Ltd commits to customers that there will be a clear contract in accordance with the law.
Please quickly dial the phone number 0961 946 987 – 0931 341 567 for the most detailed advice.
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Services in Cai Be ensure you are satisfied!

Drilling and cutting concrete 247 in Thanh Hoa – Do not do if you do not have experience

Drilling and cutting concrete 247 in Thanh Hoa.

khoan cắt bê tông long an

Drilling concrete cutting is not a simple task, so that you need to be very careful before you do. If you do not have much experience or do not have workwear then it is best not to do it. Because this job is easy to cause an accident if you can not handle the situation well.

Therefore, if you do not have the skills and experience, it is best to hire people in prestigious units to be more secure and ensure the best health and spirit. You can use the concrete cutting and drilling service at khoancatbetong247.com for enthusiastic support and advice.

Staffs at khoan cắt bê tông long an are experienced and qualified. We will help you solve any problems you encounter quickly and easily. Come and use our products today.

Notes on drilling and cutting concrete version 5

Drilling and cutting operations currently take place very often because the demand is also growing. Drilling concrete cutting is a very dangerous job if you do not know how to protect yourself. It implies a lot of unhealthy risks and risks in labor.

When using a concrete drill, you need to use labor protection tools to ensure the best for your health. Cutting drills will cause dirt to fall and splash out a lot, so you should protect your eyes well to avoid small particles or dust that could be shot.

Please refer to: khoan cắt bê tông

This is a note that you should not be subjective. Because of the fact that many have encountered similar cases and have affected the eyes greatly when not protecting eyes during work.

khoan cắt bê tông

In addition to your eyes, you also need to protect your own skin. By the fact this job brings a lot of unpleasant dusts to the workers. Sometimes the splashes will even injure you. Therefore, the skin is also something that you need to protect when drilling and cutting concrete.


Safety in execution of concrete core drilling in Nguyen Thai Binh

Those who use concrete cutting drills must be fully equipped with labor protection devices such as safety vests, gloves, safety helmets, masks, …

In particular, be sure to provide enough water to cool down the drill bit as well as reduce dust during construction. Note, the water needs sufficient and limiting abuse will cause inert drills that reduce construction productivity

khoan cắt bê tông tphcm

Thus, with the information on core drilling that we have just shared hopes to help you have the most accurate drilling. If you have a need for concrete cutting drilling, please contact us via the website khoan cắt bê tông tphcm or via the hotline 0961 946 987 – 0931 341 567 Do engineers for direct advice.

Steps to drill concrete core in Thai Binh Trung

Step 1:  You need to locate the concrete core drilling hole

This is a very important step to help you drill the right position. To drill properly, you should mark the center with a wet ink in a cross shape. In addition, before drilling, it is necessary to have the inspection and certification of the person in charge of the construction structure.

Step 2: Make sure the base is firm

You should use a screwdriver to hold the stand steady. If the drilling site position is rough, then we use anti-channel bolts so that the base can be balanced again.

Step 3: Install and fix a concrete core drilling rig in Thai Binh Trung

After the stand has been fixed, you proceed to install the machine and the drill, note that you must position the center of the hole. The drill base will be tightened with bolts after the drill has been positioned in the center of the hole.

Step 4: Finally, concrete core drilling and khoan cắt bê tông Long An

khoan cắt bê tông long an

You should drill slowly on the rails. When you see the concrete core drill drill about 2cm deep, proceed to press lightly to drill the concrete core.