Steel quotation box

Steel quotation box

Steel quotation box

bảng báo giá thép hộp at the present time, the price of steel box in September and October will be updated continuously by Ton Quang Steel Construction Material Company to customers.

How is steel box classified?

In the current market of construction materials, each type of iron and steel will be classified in a specific way to expand the needs of searching and selecting customers to fit the project.

For canned steel products, the market will be classified into the following categories:

– Black square steel box

– Galvanized steel box

– Black box steel

– Galvanized rectangular steel box

– Black rectangular steel box

There will be separate size, specifications, .. of each type. Therefore, if you still have questions, you can call us via the hotline  097.5555.055 – 0909.936.937  for assistance.

Box price list

Steel box price list will include  black box steel price list  and  rectangular steel box price list . Support customers choose the time to buy supplies with the most appropriate price. Please refer to the following price list:

Steel boxes in general and rectangular steel boxes in particular are provided by our company to customers with sufficient information about the product. The establishment of many businesses now makes the price of construction materials different and unstable

Advantages of quotation service in Sang Chinh: 

Buying construction materials must go through what steps?

How to preserve construction steel box:

– Keep the steel in dry conditions, avoid direct sunlight. It is best to keep the box steel higher than the ground to avoid moisture

– Avoid chemicals: acids, bases, salts, alkalis affect the corrugated iron during storage

– Use canvas to cover the steel box, prevent wind and rain

Sang Chinh Company Limited is committed to high quality of service

We accept production orders that require length and quantity according to customers’ wishes. Construction materials are updated by us right at the factory itself without any intermediaries

On each product, we are enclosing the following information: steel name, length, width, specifications, company name, origin, .. most complete.

Products will be tested by customers before payment. We will refund the cost if there is any problem with the product during construction

We will periodically update the news about quotes quickly


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